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Pop/Commercial Examples:



Baby its been awhile

Since you been putting in the time 

This ain’t no 9 to 5

If you want to keep this alive


Cause this ain’t no shade

And there’s truth to the lie

When you say

That you been putting in over time


Are we in overtime

Cause Ive got no regrets, if this is where you

Draw the line

Are we taking a step 

Cause it feels like were stuck on,  rewind 

Still got me in overtime 

Running in overtime


I know its hard to go

When its been so long

in the same flow

But we aint going for comfortable 

And you reap what you sow


Round and Round

So comfortable 

Why is always last minute

On what you know 





Where are you going I’ll come to

Yeah I’m down with what you choose

I’ve had my share of black and blue,

Everything from fairy tales to truth


So are you picking up what I’m putting down

That I’m just trying to keep you around

You build me up, you never let me down

‘Cause I think I’ve found..


The other half to this equation

You’re exactly what I’m missing

The objective to the mission

That exploding feeling


If we’re heading for a fail,

I’ll tie the noose

Cause I dont care if we win or lose,

you know I got you

And if we go nowhere in the end,

At least you’re here for the turns and bend

So let’s pretend, pretend..


That I’m picking up what you’re putting down

That you don’t want to live with both feet on the ground

You pick me up

You never let me down

Cause I know I’ve found, yeah I know I’ve found




Whatever makes you nervous 

Take what us makes us bold

On every corner darkness

Sweating while your cold

I see the vultures circle

While you’re standing still

Hard to keep moving

When you’ve had your fill



Will you ever

G—ee —tt 

Another chance

Swallow your pride

And give me your hand

Will we meet again

Or is this the end

Instead of giving up

Can I just freeze this instead


Whatever keeps you honest

All these white lies

Help you keep your promise 

And its easy on the eyes

Let it the world 

Surround you

Swallow you up whole

Hope that no-one notices 

While you quietly fold

ZAIDAN (Production) Examples

Dive In - ZAIDAN

Produced and written by Ed Zaidan


Ready Now - ZAIDAN




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